I’ve been covering technology one way or another for most of my career. This includes doing PR for storage companies and consumer electronics manufacturers, then moving on to report on various digital imaging technologies and mobile products as a magazine writer and editor for Imaging Magazine and Mobile Computing, respectively. As I transitioned into the world of the web, I became well known for my coverage of cell phones at CNET and in particular for a popular column I penned called “Ask the Cell Phone Diva.” While at CNET I also managed the portable consumer electronics team. If you could take it with you, we covered it.

More than just writing about tech and forming long-lasting relationships with respected industry leaders, throughout my career I have also participated in product launches, site redesigns, defined and met traffic goals, as well as developed and implemented unique product coverage concepts. I continued covering technology and consumer behavior as an Associate Analyst at Jupiter Research focusing on the home theater market and then moving on to LetsTalk.com where I created and implemented a content strategy that evolved to meet the needs of the changing Internet landscape taking into account video, SEO tactics, and social media outlets.

As my career has grown so has my skill set to include everything from marketing, to being a spokesperson, to cultivating and managing a team, SEO writing and editing, and even creating and starring in videos. I believe every challenge brings opportunity and there’s no reason to shrink from either.

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