Press Appearances

As an editor and an analyst I’ve often been interviewed for my opinion on the state of an industry or particular technology by various press outlets (TV, Radio, Print, and Online). Here are a few things I had to say:

Editorial Director at

Here’s the Deal: Fix Computers, Cars and Appliances for Free
Reader’s Digest

Joni Blecher of, a great site for comparing cell phones and plans, suggests Samsung’s a777 if I want to see the numbers when my phone rings. For the best sound quality on a basic phone, she says, go with the Nokia 1680. If you need a hearing aid–compatible (HAC) model, get the Samsung SCH-u340, with its HAC rating of 4 (you want at least a 3).

The Tech Etiquette Manual
Real Simple

…Joni Blecher, editorial director of Yes. People want to know that the person they’re talking to is really paying attention to them….

Hands-Free Devices for Cell Phones on ABC7

Age Appropriate Cell Phones for Children on NBC 11.

Hands-Free Devices for Cell Phones (Pt. 2) with KTLA’s Gayle Anderson

Associate Analyst at Jupiter Research

DVD’s Next Generation
ABC News

For consumers, it will be tough to figure out which product is best. Even industry analysts say that picking a front-runner is difficult at this point.

“Microsoft is putting their weight behind HD DVD,” said Joni Blecher, associate analyst for Jupiter Research. “But you also have Dell and Apple putting their weight behind Blu-ray.

High Drama in High Definition
Orange County Register

“It’s a very interesting thing to watch, but for consumers, it’s not necessarily time to buy because it’s cost-prohibitive and the technology is not tried and tested,” said Joni Blecher, with market researcher Jupiter Research.

Samsung to Debut DVD Player, Backing Sony’s Standard

“High definition shipments are beginning to rise, and adoption is coming on,” said Joni Blecher, a New York-based analyst for JupiterResearch. “Once you start to see content, you’re going to want a player that supports it.”


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