Let’s face it, blogging is here to stay and what an interesting medium it has become. I blog both professionally about technology and personally about a New York transplant living in Portland, OR. Here are a few of my favorite posts:

The Portland Chronicles

CSA Challenge: Kohlrabi Who Knew You Were So Tasty

I managed to finish using all the veggies from the CSA box. There were a few salads made, so nothing interesting to report. By Sunday I had left the challenging kohlrabi, fennel, and beets. I roasted the beets. Super easy, just long cooking time and used a trick I had learned somewhere to get the skins off easily. Trick: Once the beets come out of the oven throw them in a bowl and cover it. Let the steam do the rest. After a few minutes take them out of the bowl and use a paper towel to remove the skin – it slides right off. I had thought about sauteing the fennel and serving it over pork chops. Unfortunately, the pork chops turned out to be not so fresh – suffering from some horrible freezer burn. What to do?     Read More

All About Beans

I’m talking about coffee beans. We had some news this week about one of Portland’s most popular coffee brands: Stumptown. The company has found an investor and there seemed to quite a bit of buzz about what this means. It’s probably the vagueness of the statement from Duane Sorenson, the man who started the company back in 1999. I find this interesting because it sounds like business will go on as usual, which is a good thing. What stood out to me is that the news on the site is called “A Note from Duane.” This speaks volumes to what Portland is all about. It’s not about titles and climbing to the top of a corporate ladder. It’s about creating a solid product the way you want to do it and people either liking it and wanting more or not. Just a side note: Good service is also imperative... Read More

From the RealPlayer Blog

In addition to editing the RealPlayer Blog and managing a team of freelancers, I also wrote quite a few stories for the blog. Here are a few samples:

Do You Need A FLV Player For Your Mobile Phone?

Ever get sent a link to a video in email, check it on your phone only to find you can’t play the video? It can definitely be frustrating. There could be a few reasons why you can’t play the video, and all of those reasons are variations of your phone doesn’t support it. Often it might be because the video file format is FLV (Flash). Does that mean you’re out of luck and have to wait until you get to a computer to watch the video? Not flv player


Adobe’s Flash file format and phones – it’s a long story. Every year a new feature for phones emerges. At first, the special feature can only be found on a few phones. If it’s something that gets widely adopted by the mobile industry or if people start using it a lot then more and more phones will come out with support for that feature. We’ve all seen it happen; cameras on phones, the ability to add storage via removable miniSD and microSD cards, and the ability to access high-speed data networks… Read More

Over the past few years there has been great strides in raising awareness of healthy eating. Fast food restaurants have started to include the amount of calories for each of its menu items. British chef Jamie Oliver came to America to elevate people’s awareness about nutrition and eating healthy on his show Food Revolution.  Last year, sugary drinks and sodas sold in anything larger than 16-ounce containers were officially banned in New York City. Still, many of us may be struggling to stay on track with a popular New Year’s resolution: Cook and eat healthier.

While we learn more and more about nutrition, eating healthy can still be challenging. The good news is that cooking healthy meals are getting easier and easier, thanks to a variety of online cooking videos. Whether you want to expand your knowledge of nutrition, discover healthy crock-pot recipes, or learn how to make food that you can put in the freezer the cooking videos in this roundup can help… Read More

From the PhoneTalk Blog

Going the Distance with the MOTOACTV

Whenever I go to tradeshows, such as CES and CTIA, I like to put different technology to the test. This year I brought the MotoACTV with me. I had a couple of reasons for choosing this device. First, we are seeing more fitness-centric tech hitting the market from watch-like devices to smartphone apps such as Endomondo. Second, I wanted a device that worked with a cell phone. At shows, I typically have four active cell phones with me and there’s little time available for digging through a bag to find the one receiving a text message. Finally, I really wanted to know just how far I walk during an average day at a tradeshow in Las Vegas. The MOTOACTV did all of this and more.…..Read More

Ten Apps to Make Holiday Shopping a Snap
Radio stations have already switched over to holiday music. Thanksgiving is this week. Store windows are being decked out with elaborate holiday themes. It’s official; the holiday shopping season is just around the corner. So we’ve rounded up mobile apps designed to make this year’s shopping a little bit easier and maybe even help save a little time and money.

1. Get the inside scoop on Black Friday
Who has time to check out circulars and deal information sites to see where the best deal on that new monitor might be? Not to worry, there’s definitely an app that does all the heavy lifting. Black Friday app from dealnews gathers all the latest sale details and offers as they get released from over 2,000 online retailers including places such as Game Stop, Sears, PetSmart, Sephora, and more…..Read More

Test Drive: PowerSkin for the HTC EVO 4G
There’s no denying that smartphones have a lot to offer. Unfortunately, these phones can be a little lack-luster when it comes to battery life. Many people find themselves getting car chargers or getting a spare charger for the office. But what about if you don’t have access to a spare charger or maybe you’re on a long flight and want to watch a downloaded movie on your phone? Enter PowerSkin – the cell phone case with some juice.….. Read More

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