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It all started with that first article for Imaging Magazine in 1996 that evolved into a career covering technology. After a few years of writing for magazines, I transitioned to writing for the web where I co-created CNET’s Cell Phone site and translated what works well in traditional print publishing (expert reviews, how-to’s, buying guides, and columns) to the dynamic world of the Internet.

Although I speak fluent tech and turn complex terms into easy-to-understand consumer-friendly language I have also covered other topics as well including travel, gadgets, video, food, and corporate website content.  Below is a sample of my work.

Portland Picks

Wine Time: Sometimes we want to chill out with some good wine. And sometimes we want to nerd out with some good wine. You know, really spend more time with the delicious varietal we’re trying and compare it to others with a similar profile. We want to get intense with it… Read More

Spring Fling: If this week is any indication, it looks like spring has arrived! We literally saw someone dancing on the street corner. We are so excited! Though Portlanders know we can’t put away that jacket just yet. In fact, it might just be time for some new threads that are versatile and stylish enough to take us through the coming season… Read More

We Cherish Parish: We’ve spent some good times in N’Awlins. We have relatives there who use Tabasco like we use ketchup, think a Bloody Mary is a light breakfast, and talk about their next meal over supper. And we don’t judge, Creole food is da bomb. That’s why we are so excited about the latest venture from the founders of Eat: An Oyster Bar. The duo just set up shop in the Pearl opening The Parish… Read More


Drink Portland

Portland’s First Beer & Cheese Fest Is A Taste Sensation: Beer Week ended on a high note with the Portland Beer & Cheese Fest on June 17. The sold-out festival at The Commons Brewery in Southeast Portland featured beers from 10 local breweries and multiple fromage styles from Cheese Bar.  The theme of the evening was the matchup of food-friendly beer with cheese — and what a pairing they made… Read More


Spa at Como Shambhala Retreat, Uma Paro, Bhutan: There are four COMO Shambhala retreats in the world and they are designed to reflect the meaning of Shambhala: a place of peace and tranquility. It is no wonder the Uma Paro, Bhutan resort located in the Himalayan Mountains is particularly peaceful and an ideal place for restoring harmony to the body… Read More

Drink Vodka in Krakow, Poland: Vodka is a staple in Krakow, as it should be since Poland is well situated in the “vodka belt,” which spans across Eastern Europe, the Nordic and Baltic States. The country has been producing vodka since the early Middle Ages… Read More

Portland Chronicles

A Delicious Month of Dining Deals
I’m just going to admit it: I love good food and new dining experiences. I’d call myself a foodie if I didn’t have so many food allergies… Read More

i2a Solutions

Home Healthcare System Case Study

Face Recognition Application Case Study

LetsTalk Buying Guides and How-To Content

Bluetooth Headset Buying Guide

How To Take A Better Picture with a Cell Phone

Shooting Online Video Series for VidCompare

If you’re going to do online video, obviously you’re going to need a video camera. This doesn’t have to be a big expense, initially. Maybe you even already have access to a digital video camera or camcorder. You might even have a video camera at home that uses DV tapes; this will be just fine for shooting videos. Though you might want to stock up on some tapes. The more professional cameras that are often used on commercial shoots tend to use videotape for recording. However, don’t feel compelled to get an expensive camera……Read More

CNET: Ask the Cell Phone Diva

Archive of the column that ran for almost five years

Mobile Computing Magazine

Mobile Computing Interview with i800 Batteries

InterviewPanasonic Notebook Review

Domain-A-Trix Story

Last Word Interview with Palm Computing

Precision Training Newsletter

I developed this newsletter for a personal trainer and worked closely with the designer on the layout. I worked with the personal trainer to create the content and edited the other bylined stories.  Take a look inside: Precision Fitness



Imaging Magazine

Cover story on Displays

Pearl Jam Ticketing Method



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